Designing a Slide Deck

Every person needs to put together a slide deck at some point. But the advice I got in college, and the advice I’ve read on the internet falls far short of what could be considered “good” slide deck advice. 5 Rules of Thumb for Good Slide Design 1. Keep Contrast High I see folks who

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Slide Deck Inspiration

One of my favorite projects to do is a presentation, and especially a pitch deck. I’ve been working on presentations for clients and projects for several years and over time I’ve developed a method for creating attractive presentations. On this post I’ve included about 50 slides that I have made and continue to use as

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I Like Selling

I like to make stuff. If you tell me there’s a problem, my first instinct is to fix it by writing code or tinkering or hacking. This has always been the case for me, even since I was a little kid. As a child, I lived near the beach. One summer, I sold cans of

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Why I’m leaving Instagram


That’s how many photos I’ve posted to Instagram since October 16th, 2011.

Back in 2011, Instagram was a bit of a free-for-all of social networking. Doubters said that it was senseless to post pictures of food and believers insisted that the network had value. The first 4 pictures I posted didn’t get a single “like.” Bah. Value indeed.

But after a few pictures, I “got it.” Instagram is about picking out the best moments of your life, and showing them to the world. Then friends double tap their screen to affirm that you are…in fact…really dang fun.

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