I Like Selling

I like to make stuff.

If you tell me there’s a problem, my first instinct is to fix it by writing code or tinkering or hacking. This has always been the case for me, even since I was a little kid. As a child, I lived near the beach. One summer, I sold cans of coke and bottles of sunscreen to old rich ladies. I was like six years old. I sold a couple of times until I decided that it was too much work for the money. But legos…Legos were a different story. I loved the thrill of putting together some new creation. I loved building forts. I loved Age of Empires. I loved making stuff.

Over time I’ve built up a dichotomy in my own head about the difference between making stuff and selling it. I’ve told myself a story about how I prefer making to selling. I fears rejection and feel like if someone doesn’t want my product, it’s a personal reflection on me.

But alas, this can go on no longer. There is no real separation between making stuff and selling it online. If I can sell an idea to enough people, I get to keep on making it. At the beginning, selling isn’t a separate task I can outsource to someone else. It’s intrinsic to the process. So I’ve made a decision…I’m going to choose to like selling.

From now on, I will choose to embrace talking to people first and repeatedly so I can learn how to solve their problems more effectively.

Hi, my name is Stephen, and I (also) like to sell stuff.