I make websites. Lots of websites. I've had the privilege of working on sites for Clemson University, the USDA, the University of South Carolina, SCE&G, Lexington Medical Center, and many other clients. I also have a deep love for presentation design.

I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Entrepreneurship. Unsure where to apply for an entrepreneurial job, I started Garnet Report. The first thing we did was win USC's Proving Ground competition and then recruited top-notch cofounders. The site was initially intended to be a daily source of positive news, connecting college students to the world. Turns out, most college students don't want to be connected to the outside world. Eventually, another cofounder took the reins and led the site as a sports-oriented news site for several years.

After leaving Garnet Report, I started dating my wife Molly and realized I needed money for dates. I got incredibly lucky and took a job at truematter, easily the best digital agency in Columbia. There is no better way to spend 18 months than studying under Dean & Rusty. I learned about how to work with developers, received a ton of feedback and got an up-close look at what real professional web work entails. I owe a lot to their influence.

Truematter made way to Clemson University Youth Learning Institute (YLI), a family-like nonprofit that runs a bevy of summer camps and works with many state and federal agencies to help children all over South Carolina and the southeast. One example of our very diverse work is a home for girls who were in foster care until they had babies of their own. Foster care is ill-equipped to handle the challenges of that situation so members of our team walk alongside a small group of high school girls as they learn to be mothers. I am director of digital marketing for YLI.

On New Years Eve, 2014 Molly agreed to spend her life with me and we married on August 8, 2015. We now live in beautiful Columbia, South Carolina.